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Santorini Thira Airport in a Nutshell

Santorini Airport or Thira Airport (the island of Santorini is less commonly still also called Thira) is one of the few international airports located on a Greek island, at least in the Cyclades complex. What’s more, it isn’t just a civil airport but is also used by military aviation. JTR Airport is to be found on the east side of the island, north of Kamari (a popular island village) and 5km from the island’s “capital”, Fira.

In 2015, Santorini Airport joined the Fraport group. At the time, Fraport announced an inspiring renovation plan for the airport concerning the expansion of its premises, the addition of more check-in counters and departure gates, etc. The plan was successfully carried through by 2021. Thus, although preserving its traditional character, Santorini’s aviation hub has been modernized, combining its authentic style with contemporary touches and modern facilities. Nowadays, it can actually serve up to 9 airlines simultaneously, despite its small size.

Overall, JTR Airport is listed among the top 10 Greek airports. Specifically, it is the 8th busiest one. As a result, it welcomes conventional flights but mainly serves charters from the mainland, the other Greek islands, including Crete, and from all over the world as well. Foreseeably, the passenger traffic is high during the peak tourist season -that is, from spring to early autumn- while during the winter months, the airport handles only a few, almost exclusively domestic flights.


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What airport do you fly into for Santorini?

The island of Santorini has its own airport, Santorini Airport, which is also an international aviation hub. Thus, whatever your destination of origin is, it is likely that you’ll be able to fly directly to Santorini.

Is Santorini Airport small?

JTR Airport is really small, consisting of one terminal building kitted with the basic facilities and amenities. Still, ever since joining the Fraport group, Santorini Airport has been modernized, and despite offering few services, they are considered well-managed and efficient.

Can I sleep in Santorini Airport?

Santorini Airport doesn’t operate around the clock. In fact, its operating hours vary depending on the season of the year. What’s more, being a really small airfield, it has limited seats. Thus, sleeping at the airport isn’t possible.

How far is Santorini from the Airport?

Santorini’s capital -or “Chora” as it is most commonly known- is Fira. Fira is located only 5km away from Santorini International Airport. Overall, the distance between JTR Airport and most of the island’s regions is 10-20 minutes by car.

When did Santorini Airport open?

Santorini Thira Airport opened its doors in 1972. However, in 2015, it was added to the Fraport group, leading to the renovation and modernization of its premises. As of 2021, Santorini Airport is still considered a small regional airport but is now a contemporary and up-to-date airfield.

How early should I get to Santorini Airport?

It is claimed that a 1-hour before the flight arrival at JTR Airport is enough for the check-in procedures, as the airport’s premises are narrow. Nevertheless, the airport tends to get crowded, especially during the summer months. Thus, it is recommended to reach the airport 2 hours before your flight’s departure to do your check-in unhurriedly.

What are the transportation options from Santorini Airport?

Apart from the 24/7 Santorini airport taxis and the lavish private transfers, only the intercity KTEL Buses handle public transfers from Santorini Thira Airport to other parts of the island. Alternatively, autonomous airport car rentals are the ideal way to explore the island at your own pace.

Airport Name: Santorini Airport



Location: Thira, Santorini, Greece

Time Zone: Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3)

Airport Map: Santorini Airport at Google Maps