Santorini Airport Guide

All you Need to Know about Santorini Thira Airport

General Airport Information

Santorini Airport is the international aviation hub serving the popular island. Located 5km/3.1 miles from the island’s “Chora” -Fira-, JTR Airport handles domestic routes and international flights. However, it mainly serves charters arriving at the Cyclades island of Santorini, especially during the high season (from late spring to early autumn). Thira Airport -as it is also called- is a small airfield. Still, it has just been renovated. Hence, it may offer only the basic services, yet they are well-performed and sufficient.


Santorini Airport is a minor airport. Therefore, it has only one small terminal building. Nevertheless, the Santorini airport terminal has been completely refurbished, and although it is known for offering the minimum services, they are efficient and up-to-date.


Santorini isn’t a big island. As a result, the distances between the different parts of the island aren’t long, although rides can be more time-consuming than expected due to the bad road network in some of Santorini’s regions. Thus, when it comes to your accommodation in Santorini, you can either opt for one of the hotels near Thira Airport in Santorini or explore the entire island’s options, still being a 10-20-minute drive from the airport.

Layover at the Airport

Santorini Airport may not be the ideal airport for a layover, as it offers nothing other than basic services. Still, the vast majority of the island’s attractions are a 10-20-minute drive from Santorini’s airfield. Are you having a long layover at Santorini Airport? All the better! Seize the opportunity and go meet the unique Santorini!