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JTR Airport’s Terminal Building is as Good as New!

Ever since joining Fraport back in 2015, big plans were made for Santorini Airport, including a significant renovation and modernization of its terminal building. Therefore, by the summer of 2021, the “new-looking” terminal was on tap to offer its services to the passengers visiting or departing from the beautiful island. 

Santorini terminal was built in 1989, with its design being inspired by the characteristic architecture of the island. Thus, Fraport decided to respect its local style but also dressed it up with modern amenities and contemporary features. As a result, nowadays, the building looks like a giant white local house in contrast with its interior, which is freshly and modernly designed. 

All in all, the JTR terminal is adequate despite being really small. As far as the provided services are concerned, the terminal has to offer:


  • a limited variety of dining options
  • a few coffee/drinking areas
  • a minimum Duty-Free area
  • free Wi-Fi
  • a first aid room
  • a Lost & Found service
  • ATMs
  • a Bureau de change
  • car rental desks
  • complimentary charging points
  • 17 check-in desks


How many terminals does Santorini Airport have?

Santorini Airport has only one terminal building with limited dimensions and basic amenities and services. However, as it was refurbished and expanded, it is nowadays streamlined. Consequently, from the summer of 2021, JTR airport’s passengers can benefit from the renewed premises and the few yet effective amenities.

Is Santorini Airport big?

Santorini Airport is really small, consisting of one terminal. However, despite its size and thanks to its total renovation, it provides its passengers with efficient services and offers an overall pleasant traveling experience.

How busy is Santorini Airport at night?

Santorini International Airport’s operating hours are from 06:30 am to 10:15 pm. Thus, no late-night flights are arriving or departing from JTR Airport, but the airport is closed for the night.

Can I sleep in Santorini Airport?

Santorini Airport is closed during the night. Thus, you can’t spend the night there. Moreover, it has limited chairs and zero sleeping areas, meaning that if you want to take a nap during the day, you should be prepared to make yourself comfortable on the floor and bring a sleeping bag with you.

Is there Wi-Fi in Santorini Airport?

Santorini Airport provides its passengers with free Wi-Fi. Hence, you can catch up on your unfinished tasks or just use the airport’s network to spend your free time there.