Transportation from Santorini Airport to Oia

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Transfer Options from Santorini Airport to Oia

Travelers not heading to Fira after landing at JTR Airport usually have the beautiful Oia as their journey’s end. Oia isn’t only one of the most scenic Santorini’s villages, but it is claimed to offer views of the world’s most impressive sunsets. Hence, if you are heading to Oia as well, you can choose among the Santorini airport taxis, the private airport transfers, the car rentals, and, of course, the cheap yet not direct KTEL buses.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi32€32$25 min
Bus3.20€3.20$40 min

Santorini Airport to Oia by Taxi

Santorini airport taxis are always lining up at the airport taxi rank, just outside the terminal’s doors, or at least as long as the airport is open (thus, from 06:00 am to 11:00 am (00:15 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays) in summer and from 06:30 am to 10:15 pm in winter). The silver-grey vehicles with the distinctive “TAXI” sign on their roof traverse the 17-km/10.5-mile distance to Oia in approximately 25 minutes. However, under heavy traffic conditions -an unpleasant yet everyday reality during the summer months- the taxi ride lasts longer and expectantly costs more. 

Unfortunately, as Santorini taxis are few and can’t cope with the passengers’ needs, up to 30-minute waiting in line is a common situation. When this is the case, taxis usually serve more passengers heading in the same direction. Hence, it is highly likely that you’ll have to share your cab. 

Airport taxis in Santorini operate using taximeters. Therefore, there are no set prices, but the taxi fare for each ride is determined by the taximeter. Nevertheless, some taxi drivers negotiate fixed prices before starting the ride. Anyhow, the usual tariff for journeys from Santorini Airport to Oia is 32€/32$ during the day and 39€/39$ from midnight to 05:00 am. This price includes a 4€/4$ airport fee but not fares for excess luggage (0.40€/0.40$ for each piece of luggage exceeding 10kg). Most taxi drivers don’t accept credit cards and prefer getting paid with small bills. 

Our Tip 1: You probably won’t face any communication problems, as most taxi drivers speak English rather fluently.

Our Tip 2: If you come across other travelers heading to Oia, you can agree in advance to share the ride and split the fare. 

Our Tip 3: Tipping isn’t obligatory when it comes to taxi rides. Nevertheless, it is always welcomed. 

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Santorini Airport to Oia by Bus

If you are looking for a budget and fast alternative for your transfer from Santorini Airport to Oia, you can settle on the public KTEL buses. The airport buses leave the bus station, located opposite the taxi rank outside the JTR terminal, and head to the main bus stop lying at Fira. From there, passengers heading to Oia have to change lines to reach their final destination. Thus, buses may be the most affordable transfer option, but they are far from being the most convenient one. 

The bus ride from Santorini Airport to Fira lasts about 15-20 minutes, under normal traffic conditions. During the summer months, airport buses run hourly to Fira from 07:00 am to 11:10 pm. From Fira, the bus takes about 20 minutes to get to Oia, with half to one-and-a-half-hour itineraries from 06:50 am to 09:20 pm. Thus, from May to September, the total bus ride from JTR to Oia takes about 70-80 minutes, including waiting time.

However, during the low tourist season, the bus routes are fewer. For instance, the airport bus runs only 6 times a day, from 07:25 am to 07:10 pm, with 2-3-hour intervals, while on Saturdays, it operates only until 03:10 pm. On the other hand, buses from Fira to Oia leave the main bus station every 1-1:30 hour, from 07:00 am to 06:30 pm, and from 09:40 am to 06:00 pm on weekends. As a result, the journey with the KTEL bus from Santorini Airport to Oia can last up to 2.5-3 hours (waiting time counted as well).

A one-way ticket from the airport to Fira costs 1.60€/1.60$ and can be purchased by the driver inside the bus. Payments are accepted only in cash. Paying with small bills is recommended as the driver may not have enough change. Moreover, an extra ticket is required for the ride from Fira to Oia, thus raising the total fare to 3.20€/3.20$.  

Our Tip 1: It is always recommended to consult the bus timetables at the bus stops, as the bus schedule may change without previous warning. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that buses are often delayed. 

Our Tip 2: The KTEL buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, and have designated luggage space. Hence, there are no limits concerning the luggage dimensions. However, buses aren’t accessible to persons with disabilities.

Our Tip 3: The bus from Fira to Oia makes an intermediate stop at Imerovigli.

Car Rental from Santorini  Airport to Oia

As plenty of car rental companies are present at JTR Airport, an airport car rental is the perfect way to transfer from Santorini Airport to Oia fast and stress-free. Thus, after putting your key to your car at Santorini airport parking and leaving the airfield, you’ll turn left before taking a right turn after 500m/0.31 miles. Afterward, you’ll keep driving for 15km/9.3 miles and then turn right to Provincial Road Firon-Oias. From that point, you’ll follow the signs on the local roads to reach your accommodation in Oia.

The ride from Santorini Airport to Oia should last about 25 minutes if the road traffic is normal. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that traffic congestion is a reality near the island’s main attractions during the summer. On the other hand, street (free) parking is a common practice in Oia. However, it is advisable to leave your Santorini car rental just outside the village, as streets are narrow and often get congested while parking spots are limited.

Private Airport Transfers from Santorini Airport to Oia

If you want to forget all about changing bus lines and waiting times for a taxi at the airport, the solution to your problem is one. It goes by the name of Santorini airport transfers. Santorini Airport offers a wide variety of private transfer companies, which provide fast and top-notch amenities, including welcome services, luxury rides, and many more benefits, depending on your booking agreement.


How do I get from Santorini Airport to Oia?

When it comes to airport transfers from Santorini Airport to Oia, your options vary from the comfortable yet few airport taxis, the efficient, still indirect public buses, the lavish private airport transfers, and last but not least, the autonomous car rentals.

How long does it take to get to Oia from the airport?

The traveling time from Santorini Airport to Oia varies depending on the chosen transportation mode. Hence, a car or taxi ride lasts around 25 minutes, while the public KTEL buses heading to Fira need 20 minutes to reach the central station and another 20 minutes to get from Fira to Oia, without taking into account the waiting time or the time needed to change lines at Fira.

How much does a taxi cost from Santorini Airport to Oia?

As Santorini airport taxis are metered, their fare is subject to the journey’s distance and duration. Therefore, the usual price for the 17-km/10.5-mile taxi ride from Santorini Airport to Oia costs 32€/32$ during the day, while night transfers are pricier, costing 39€39$.