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The Lavish and Luxurious Transfer Services from Santorini Airport

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Santorini Airport Transfers – Private Transfers from JTR

Some travelers enjoy public transportation as it makes them feel like being part of their destination’s everyday life. On the other hand, some traditional types of people always opt for an airport taxi ride. Nevertheless, apart from these two categories, some passengers appreciate premium services during their travels and are, thus, looking for first-class airport transfers.

For those travelers who value comfort and convenience highly, Santorini airport transfers are an absolute must for their transfer from JTR Airport to their accommodation. Fortunately, plenty of private transfer companies are present at JTR Airport, offering not only fast and relaxed rides but also many side amenities. Hence, if you settle on booking a Santorini airport transfer, you’ll find your driver waiting for you at the JTR Arrivals hall, on tap to help you with your luggage. After making yourself comfortable inside the car parked right outside the terminal, your journey to the exact location of your hotel will be about to start. Make the most of that time, capturing the passing scenery and asking the driver all your questions. He will certainly have the right answers!

Why Choose a Santorini Airport Transfer?

If you haven’t yet decided on which “travelers category” you belong to, you can take a look at the benefits that come with a Santorini airport transfer and reach your decision:


Usual Transportation ModesSantorini Airport Transfers
After retrieving your luggage, you'll have to carry them around on your way to the airport taxi stand or the bus stop.Your driver will wait right outside the baggage carousel area and carry your luggage to the vehicle parked outside the airport’s doors.
Santorini taxis are few. Thus, catching one at the taxi rank can be laborious and very time-consuming.The driver will be waiting for you as soon as your flight lands at JTR Airport, even if it is delayed. He will escort you right away to your booked vehicle.
Ordinary taxis are slightly cheaper, yet in case of road congestion, they may end up pricier, as they charge based on a taximeter.When booking a Santorini airport transfer, you get to pay the arranged, fixed fare, no matter the road traffic.
Taxi drivers are locally acquainted, but they usually suggest places offering them a commission.The private transfer companies’ drivers are carefully chosen and can give you all the hints and tips to make your Santorini journey memorable.
Santorini KTEL buses are comfortable and efficient, yet they aren’t reliable when it comes to their scheduled itineraries. Hence, not only are their routes hourly during summer and every 2-3 hours during winter, but moreover, buses may not even be on time.With a private airport transfer, you can forget all about waiting time at the airport.
Santorini airport public buses head directly only to Fira. If your destination is located elsewhere, you’ll have to change lines at the main bus station at Fira. Moreover, you’ll have to reach your hotel on foot after disembarking at the bus stop.Private airport transfers offer exclusively door-to-door services.
Santorini taxis’ fleet consists of different car types. However, you can’t be sure that you’ll find what you are looking for at the airport taxi rank.When you reserve a private airport transfer, you get to choose the vehicle type that best suits your needs.

Santorini Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

Santorini airport transfers are slightly costlier than ordinary Santorini taxis. Nevertheless, they offer private services, meaning that you won’t have to share your cab or wait in line at the airport. Additionally, they aren’t dependent on traffic levels as they have set prices. When booking your transfer, you get to pay the fee, and you are sure that you won’t be charged extra even if the road congestion doubles the ride’s duration. On the other hand, Santorini airport taxis are metered. Therefore, heavy traffic raises their fares considerably.

Overall, the 15-minute journey from Santorini Airport to Fira is priced at about 17€-22€/17$-22$ when traveling with an ordinary taxi. A Santorini airport transfer will cost you around 30€/30$. Taking the comfort levels, the plus amenities, and the entire traveling experience into account, it is a value-for-money option for your transfer from Santorini Airport.

Santorini Airport Transfer to Hotel

You won’t find a more comfortable, hassle-free, and relaxed way to reach your hotel after landing at JTR Airport. Santorini airport transfers are known for their top-quality services. Furthermore, as Santorini Airport hosts plenty of private transfer companies, their prices tend to be competitive. On the other hand, if you want to save money on your Santorini journey, it is advisable to check if your hotel offers free airport transfers. In that case, why not benefit from the provided services? 


What is a private airport transfer?

A private airport transfer is basically a pre-arranged taxi ride, offering higher benefits and many advantages. Hence, with a Santorini airport transfer, the company’s hand-picked driver waits inside the airport, carries the luggage, and drives the client directly to the scheduled location, giving useful tips and advice during the ride. What’s more, depending on the chosen private transfer company and the booking agreement, many side services may also be on tap.

Can I book a private transfer from Santorini Airport to Oia?

When booking a private transfer, you are free to choose the desired date and time, the pick-up and drop-off places, and usually, even the car type that will handle the transfer. Thus, wherever your destination may be -at Oia or any other Santorini area- you can reserve a Santorini airport transfer and start your journey from the airport hassle-free.